Sunday, October 9, 2016

Check out my Instagram and Facebook

So many changes over the years. However, since this is the direct link on my website until I get a full rebuild done, I wanted to invite you over to the places where I am currently posting. I am most active sharing images at Instagram. Posts that include what I am up to locally and horse goings on generally, including activist and volunteer opportunities are at Facebook.

Now that I have both of those sorted out and thriving, I guess it is time to build a more current web site. Nothing's ever done, is it?


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ready to look at the year's planning

Hey Friends - Well, I am settling down in Austin, now. Of course that means my mind has time to turn to... TRAVEL! It looks like I will be in England again this summer. I am hoping to do some fine art type projects, and I want them to be at least in part of the horsey variety. Any of my friends in England want to swap a bunk for a couple nights in exchange for a shot around their place with their horses, et. al.? If so, get in touch with me! Friend sof friends are welcome to - please pass my info along, if so inspired.

In the mean time I just started reaching out cold call/email style. The vast majority of folks that I have contacted have gotten back to me, all with welcome, come on out, we are off for the summer, try calling.... kinds of comments. How delightful. I may not dialed in yet, but it's coming.

And, the taxes are done. Um, that was easy for the great year of moving and rebuilding. Ahem.

Oh, and I think I failed to post here (so much posting in this day and age!): I will be the featured cover artist and gallery artist in both the online and print versions of the Hudson Valley Horse Source. You can take the woman off of the East Coast, but...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Back in Action!

There has been a long lull here at Equigraphic, I know. But, the big news is I HAVE RELOCATED TO AUSTIN, TEXAS!! Hot times - I am back in horse country. 2010 was all about my other specialty working as a performance photographer (rock stars! aerialists daring gravity! theatrical grande dames! gotta dance!). 2011 was all about 2 long distance moves in 1 year. 2012? I want to get back to Equigraphic in earnest, back to horses, and back in the groove. If anyone out there wants to collaborate or has connections you think might need to be made, please let me know. 'd love to know about the equestrian action around here, so any info is greatly appreciated.

Friday, February 19, 2010

More art!

I just won a writing competition. With a piece of writing randomly drawn from a 5 year old journal I pulled out of the bookshelf. I guess it is time to start writing some articles, stories, etc.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Relational Riding Rules!

Michelle Binder at Relational Riding Academy is genius horsewoman and teacher. I have never met anyone who did not learn life changing amounts from her, whether in a couple lessons here and there or as a regular student. She teaches a basic foundation for all disciplines, but you can build and build with her basic knowledge. The well being of the horse is always first, and she has taken and rehabbed serious cases, allowing these thrown away equines to live quality lives for many more years, all the while bringing joy to their people. Whenever we talk about her, we always say that she is the best, most magic, miracle worker, amazing teacher. Check out her site, but by all means BUY HER VIDEO!!! Hey, I helped name it.

Sign on to support Gerd Heauschman defeat rolkur

The deadline for the meeting that was the origianl catalyst has passed, but the mission is on, so sign on and back up the one man who is doing the most to ban rolkur.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Equestrian France

It looks like I will be having an equine oriented trip to France (at the very least) this summer. I shall be going to the Cadre Noir at Saumer, to ride Cleveland Bays and Shagya Arabs with RaceRare, The Living Museum of the Horse in Chantilly, the Royal Stables at Versailles, and hopefully to photograph my colleagues at Equibaroque in Brittany. I am trying to sort out where else I will go and what else I will do. Horsey colleagues have invited me to visit in Dreseden, Holland, and Belgium, and I am sure some of my Brits would also tke me in. We shall certainly visit Mont Saint Michel. Let me know if you have ideas about where I am and my cameras should find ourselves in June or July.