Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I hear the train a comin'...

I am getting so close to the final pool for selecting the first images for I might even wake up tomorrow and decide that I am there. Then there is a modicum of retouching, the selection process, and handing it all off to my site builder. I can't wait. This is the fun part. I love it when I get to the point where cutting anything seems folly since I love it all so much. It makes me wish I had feathers to fluff.

On a whole different note, I have very much been enjoying the forums at The Art of Natural Dressage. It's inclusive approach and gentle practices suit me to a tee. I can't wait to get to practicing some of it with Belle. Who I saw this past weekend. And who I love so very madly.

Oh, this Belle and I. Thanks again to Jake at Blue Moon Camera here in Portland for permission to use this glorious photo.

OK, now off to shoot some music, The Knitters with John Doe and Exene of X.

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