Monday, January 12, 2009

Words about pictures about horses

A New Year, a New Blog. Welcome to equigraphic. Soon I will be happy to announce the opening of It will feature a collection of my images relating to horses, a personal and visual love that has run through my entire life. Looking back, I remember thinking about specializing in equine photography early in my development as a professional photographer. I thought, "I can't do that! That's not possible!" Well, what's that old saying? Something like, "There is nothing on heaven or earth but thinking makes it so." My love of horses and ongoing involvement with them has lead me to photograph them all through my career. My knowledge of them and photography means that there are many good ones. It is time to jump into that specialty.

I am working furiously on all the images for the first iteration of There will be galleries of horses at liberty, at work, solo portraits, portraits with people, horse places, fine art, and a section of other animals, too. It has been a joy to get into my archives and find shots from many states and featuring many wonderful horses and people. Some subjects I know personally, other I know only through my camera fleetingly. But each image fills me with a warmth that declares each time, "You are meant to do this."

Please let me know what you might like to see from this blog. Photography tips/explorations? Links to other artists I admire and/or discover? Horse photography tips in particular? Stories of horses I have known? Links to other kinds of horse knowledge? Tell me your ideas!

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