Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's been quiet... too quiet...

Well, it hasn't been quiet anywhere in my life but here. I have been crazy busy with lots of fun things like home refinancing, gear research, a couple big shoots (one of them horse related but all cloak and dagger for now), facilities management (what some of us call yard work and spring cleaning when home is office and office is home), and a wee trip up to British Columbia (during which I got exactly zero picture of horses).

One of my key collaborators on another major project has proclaimed May 1 the beginning of his full time work on said effort. OK, that means I need to be ready to put in some serious hours, too. What does that lead to? I have to get this site up post haste! And, so I will. Almost all the gallery images are processed; I have a date with my glorious web designer at www.tinfoilhat.com; and I am pleased with my command decision to cut all galleries back to ten images each. Ha! I can feel it coming together now. I am almost jumping up and down.

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