Saturday, July 25, 2009

I'm jumping up and down!

Yes, the new site is pretty far along in coding. I think it might just be done by the end of the month!!!!

Also, I will be in the NY area late August and early September. Let me know if you have equestrian photographic needs or desires that I can fill.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


The new portfolios arrived in the early Fed-X drop. It will take time with my living amongst them to appreciate them fully. But, they are glorious, and I look forward to taking them out int he world for all to see. Now, all I need are some business cards to leave in the hands of those with mouths gape, and I should be all good. Well, all good to go pound pavement. Look out equestrian world, Annaliese is on your trail. As it were.

This is, I believe, the oldest image in my book and on the site. This is my pal's 4 year old son at the barn in Maryland where I was a therapeutic horsemanship instructor (NARHA Certified - at the National Center for Therapeutic Riding). Sweet old Fandango was fading here - I was surprised by how haunting his visage really was when I first saw the images. Nasty old white horse melanoma!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Also, an update

The web site has long been in the programmer's hands. I await its arrival with bated breath.

The Equigraphic Portfolio was made yesterday.

The collection of Equigraphic cards is getting made today.

Let me know if you/know anyone who might want/need an email or postcard announcing our launch, please.

Photographed beautiful Andalusian filly again yesterday. 4 months and so big!! Still so pretty, so evidence of that later.

But, first off to support our new farmers market on its opening day. I want them all to sell out of all their yummy stock. Gotta support our local small farmers and reap the tasty in the mean time!


Originally uploaded by compassionateeye
OK, the first horse henna shoot has been declassified by a presidential order. Who else out there has a pale gray they would not mind ornamented? I'll admit, henna lasts rather longer on a horse than a person... maybe once summer is over and many are returning to pasture ornaments and growing out coats.