Saturday, July 18, 2009


The new portfolios arrived in the early Fed-X drop. It will take time with my living amongst them to appreciate them fully. But, they are glorious, and I look forward to taking them out int he world for all to see. Now, all I need are some business cards to leave in the hands of those with mouths gape, and I should be all good. Well, all good to go pound pavement. Look out equestrian world, Annaliese is on your trail. As it were.

This is, I believe, the oldest image in my book and on the site. This is my pal's 4 year old son at the barn in Maryland where I was a therapeutic horsemanship instructor (NARHA Certified - at the National Center for Therapeutic Riding). Sweet old Fandango was fading here - I was surprised by how haunting his visage really was when I first saw the images. Nasty old white horse melanoma!

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