Wednesday, October 14, 2009


And, I forgot to mention my trip to NY. I wound up getting to go shoot at the Saugerties, NY show. My niece was riding her 2 show jumping mares! Dana is a talented 14 year old show jumper. I gave her her first riding lesson years ago. That daisy jump really ruffled a bunch of the horses, but 'Rika moved right on out over it. They got 5th in the classic.


I am off to L.A. for a long weekend of teaching and photography with Wendy Rover of Roving Horse Henna (my partner in crime on the henna horse image). We will be presenting our first workshop on building portfolios by collaborating with other creative professionals. We were selected because our work has been making the powers that be in the henna community internationally think things like "upping the game" and "outside the box" and "pushing the creative envelope". I am really excited. Not only do I love working with Wendy, I love traveling, and I also love teaching. I have guest lectured at all levels, from elementary to college. I have judged student competitions. But, this is the first time I am teaching to a an adult community of creatives outside the photography world. I think it might become a specialty. I love learning about others arts and passions, and we have already been invited to teach in England next spring. Oooooh... an international educator!

The web site is almost perfect and it is taking everything in me not to link to the test site right now. I am so happy with it!!!! Watch out world - here comes Equigraphic! Maybe I should be thinking about teaching horse photography : )