Friday, February 19, 2010

More art!

I just won a writing competition. With a piece of writing randomly drawn from a 5 year old journal I pulled out of the bookshelf. I guess it is time to start writing some articles, stories, etc.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Relational Riding Rules!

Michelle Binder at Relational Riding Academy is genius horsewoman and teacher. I have never met anyone who did not learn life changing amounts from her, whether in a couple lessons here and there or as a regular student. She teaches a basic foundation for all disciplines, but you can build and build with her basic knowledge. The well being of the horse is always first, and she has taken and rehabbed serious cases, allowing these thrown away equines to live quality lives for many more years, all the while bringing joy to their people. Whenever we talk about her, we always say that she is the best, most magic, miracle worker, amazing teacher. Check out her site, but by all means BUY HER VIDEO!!! Hey, I helped name it.

Sign on to support Gerd Heauschman defeat rolkur

The deadline for the meeting that was the origianl catalyst has passed, but the mission is on, so sign on and back up the one man who is doing the most to ban rolkur.